Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, I discovered my passion for being the center of attention at a very young age. Like every other midwestern theatre kid, I performed in an obnoxious number of community theatre productions while simultaneously wishing I was a Disney Channel star. When I wasn't performing, I was filling up yellow legal pads with "novels" and screenplays I would go on to later produce with my Flip video camera and my Barbie dolls as actors. (They're great to work with, and they don't even require craft services.) I went on to attend high school at Toledo School for the Arts, where I studied acting and creative writing. I am currently in my senior year studying Comedy Writing and Performance with a minor in Writing for Television at Columbia College Chicago. I am a recent alumni of the Comedy Studies program at The Second City and am currently in the Second City Conservatory. I am also currently a Head Writer for Season 2 of Columbia Tonight. In my free time, I enjoy crying about my continuously growing number of student loans and scrolling through pictures of other people's smoothie bowls on Instagram.

Written by Liz Cleven
Directed by Annie Durkin
TW: language, depression, suicide


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Although I began my official journey as a blogger in the fall of 2016, my love for social media and blogging began long before then.
Beginning in 2016, I created the entire web presence for the student television production Columbia Tonight at Columbia College Chicago. There I was responsible for building and designing all logo design variations, signage and promotional materials, online content, and event Snapchat filters; building and updating the website; and keeping a relevant presence across all social media networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat) from the ground up. This opportunity allowed me to experience what promoting a live show and a television show's first season feels like, all simultaneously, thanks to the nature of the show. 

After launching my blog Clumsy & Company in October of 2016, my responsibilities included generating content, as well as building a personal brand to promote myself as a lifestyle blogger and writer based in Chicago, learning something new every step of the way. Aside from giving me a space to exercise my writing abilities and hold myself accountable for generating material, Clumsy and Company created room for me to continue honing my social media marketing and web designing skills all while allowing me to express myself in an online community I feel comfortable in. I learned a lot through trial, error and teaching myself. In September of 2017, I deciding to rebrand my online presence and launch Aria Camille - a lifestyle blog that was able to encompass all facets of my life as a blogger, writer and performer and felt more true to myself than my original blog ever did.

When I'm not creating content for myself, I assist in managing a handful of social media accounts in the Chicago area. I am responsible for managing their social media accounts (mainly Instagram, Twitter and Facebook,) creating content, writing copy and utilizing Hootsuite. 

Need help with your website? I am also a member of the Squarespace Circle, a "community of creatives, developers, and designers who use Squarespace to build beautiful websites for themselves and their clients" and I love working with the Squarespace platform. I am also avaliable to assist with other platforms at the following rates:

$20/initial in-person or virtual (FaceTime, G-Chat or Skype) consultation
$15/any hour spent after the consultation working towards your finished product

I am currently available for freelance work, and would love to help you with your project!

For more information on working with me, collaborating on a post or to see my professional resume, email me at (or check out my LinkedIn.)